Monday, August 9, 2010

More from the vault/kitchen junk drawer...

I guess when you are the youngest of five you have to label yourself and he has chosen, "hansomest, bestest, favorite, AND beautiful."
I don't think his opinion has changed and I always tell him he is my favorite youngest son of five in the world! Of course he then says, " but who is of all your sons?" And I just repeat, YOU are my most favorite youngest son of five!"
It makes him CRAZY!


Susan said...

That's a tough one. Does any mother have a favorite child? The answer , we hope, is no, but maybe there are some mothers that relate better to or seem to have a stronger bond with a specific child. I have 5 favorite kiddos myself.

OHN said...

Somehow I have managed to make each one of my boys think they are the favorite :)

Now that they are older, they have been told it changes from day to day, depending on who empties the dishwasher etc.