Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like, totally random....

My friend over at  has been posting 10 random things about herself until she has 100 things.
Not easy to do.
I told her I would do the same... about 3 weeks ago :(
So here it is:

I use to hitchhike. ( Don't tell my kids and don't judge... It was the 70's!)

I can still do cartwheels.

I have issues with heights AND when I even think of people who go caving or Spelunking I begin to hyperventilate.

If I could? I would get a massage...  Every. Single. Day

My spirituality is very important to me, but very private.

My husband is my oldest and best friend. ( he is not THAT old sillies. I MEAN he has been my friend longer than any other- since I am sixteen.)

My lucky numbers are 7 and 9. Have been since I was seven years-old. Started as my numbers on my hop scotch markers.

I was a bartender and a waitress. Loved it.

I LOVE babies.

A hot bath or shower always, ALWAYS makes me feel better.

90 more to go...
Join the party and tell me some random things about YOU!


Andrea said...

Great list!
My hubby is my "oldest" and "best" friend and he is OLD...hahaha. Seriously, he is old.
Have an awesome day!

Susan said...

Yahoo! Way to go. I love your list. I'm thinking of my next 10 right now for tomorrow. I

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so interesting! I LOVE the pictures you interspersed thruout the post. That was just beautiful! WOW! LOVE it!