Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where have I been?

Yes, I have been busy.
But aren't we all?
My busy-ness/ business included selling at:
 Old Salem Horse Show ( not good, )
 a lax tournament in South jersey ( VERY good, )
 and a designer show house in Saddle River New Jersey for the last three weeks ( sometimes good/sometimes bad.)

As usual, the success of my endeavors can't be measured by the dollars earned,
It's the intangibles...
Like, how many new people I met, connections I've made, info about future gigs, and things I've seen.

I will post tomorrow about some funny details of last three weeks.
Here are two hints-
Jill Zarin's gay husband


Suzy said...

Can hardly wait for the updates. FYI a reader of mine said to tell you that she thinks you should advertise on the very popular Jen Lancaster's blog. She's a known preppy and I think it would be worth your time and money.

kks said...

wonder where you've been!
can't wait for the update on Zarin and Springsteen! don't make us wait too long!! :)

Ina in Alaska said...

I think you might mean Jill's decorator buddy that she calls her gay husband. Wish I had one of those.... ..... She is out of control this season.

Bruce Springstein is a neighbor of one of my inlaws (Rumson) very nice guy, private but down to earth. Looking forward to the update. Thought of you and the Sabateur when I saw on the news that Heathrow is closed again due to falling ash......

Ronda said...

Glad your busy, and back to reality. I'm gearing up for my trip soon, leave on June 7th.
I want to hear about Jill's husband!!

Somer Love said...

I have been MIA too! Its ok it happens!!!