Monday, May 31, 2010

We will not forget,

When I think of my boys and their friends, how much fun they've had, the memories they've made together...
It makes me realize that the men pictured here were once boys and that their friends may have perished in war. That all their happy boyhood memories might be tarnished by their memories of the time they served our country.
I wonder what they witnessed as young men. I'm sure they feel lucky to be alive, but I also wonder what comes with that.
Do they feel guilty that their friends died in battle and they didn't?  Do they wonder how different their life may have been had they not been soldiers?  Do they wonder if it was worth it, does anyone even care or remember?

We do! Thank you so much to all that have served, to those who sacrificed their lives and to those who sacrificed their time, energy, and boyhood.
We will NOT forget and will always honor you.


Susan said...

Here here! Well said. I second that.

kks said...

well said!!

OHN said...

My father-in-law passed away at age 83. He was a successful businessman, active church member, hospital volunteer...etc. But, the one thing he couldn't do easily was talk about his days in the war.

When S3 tried to pry info out of him for a school project, my FIL told him it was not glamorous and he would rather not discuss it.

I always wondered what the war left him with...or without.