Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice address, Old Salem Farm

Yes, this was my home last week,
not bad.
I shared it with Annie and Emily of Combined Closets. We were great roommates. They sold Lily, Milly, and other high end/preppy clothing. I provided the jewelry and accessories with a huge dose of Scout bags and a dab of home accessories.

I chose "beach house" as my theme. I brought beach cover-ups, flip flop buckets, travel jewelry, and tons of beach totes all in BRIGHT colors.
A truly happy looking booth!
N'est-ce pas?

As for the other vendors/traveling gypsies...
Let me see, we have the folks from Der-Dau, Pucci Manuli, and Herringbone Interiors
playing blackjack in the sponser's tent. Not a shabby group!

And here's my friend from the last 3 horse shows. She is hysterical. her boss, Charlie Ancona plays techno/house music in their tent and she is all about hip hop. She survived.

Anyway, that might be it for me. I've been invited to one other show in Ct. next month but it might be too pricey for me to vend at- plus Lacrosse starts in June!


Suburban Princess said...

Your tent is gorgeous! I would have a hard time walking past!

Frau said...

Tent turned out so nice! I hope you sold a lot and the weather looked good!

Ronda said...

Your tent is beautiful and well stocked! I love everything in it. I could use almost all of it in Maryland. I need a flip flop bucket!
Hope you doing well, and have a wonderful weekend!

The Preppy Princess said...

The tent looks just great, and it's nice you had a cool 'roomie' too. :)

Sis Beth said...

If you see your friend that is into hip hop tell her that the group
We are Heroes came to Utah to teach the drill team their hip hop dance. They are the winners of ABDC on MTV.
Americas Best Dance Crew. Allie had a blast. Your friend will know the group for sure. Loved your booth. Hope you sold a lot.