Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tales from Europe...

I know I have been missing in action.
Working at a designer show house in Saddle River, NJ AND a horse show out in Sussex, all good.
In fact, I actually have tons to write about and am very backed up.

So I thought I would spend the week telling little tales of our European adventures. As you know we were stranded in Europe for six extra days. luckily we were at my sister's house.
However, my son ended up missing an entire week of school.
But not quite.
that's because he went to school in Germany- for a day.
He loved it.
Here is the pictorial
Eating breakfast the morning of his first day of school. He was a bit nervous. It may have been because i kept asking him how much German he knew...
Lucky for him he had his cousin/German sister to show him around school and introduce him to all the kids/um alle Kinder

They rode their bikes to school, a new experience for him. His cousin uses mass transit to get everywhere.

They looked so cute AND European!

 He enjoyed his day at school ending with a visit with The Bremen Town Musicians. I think this experience had many levels of learning.
1. he was able to see how it felt to be "the new kid," something he has never experienced.
2. A volcano teaches us who really is in charge.
3.He learned to make the best of a difficult situation.
4. And most of all, he learned that kids are similar where ever you go. He noticed the same teen drama that occurs at his school :)


Frau said...

A day he will never forget! Are you around today?

Matty said...

He will remember that day the rest of his life. A neat experience.

Ronda said...

That is great, and I bet he had a blast! Can't wait to hear more stories!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!