Monday, May 24, 2010

Dubarry Galway boots, the next HOT (expensive) boot!

So, at first I thought that these boots were ugly. My booth was next to this poor fellow, Stephen, for the first week of the Horse Show. Most of the day he stood in a tub of water to show that the boots were waterproof. he explained to me that they weren't just for barn and country life. That they were great apres de ski boots, winter boots, rainy day boots, or boots to wear to your kids games. ( think muddy, wet fields.)

He was a very good salesman. As the week went on they started to look good to me. So many people at the show had them or were buying them. Including him:
 Here is what they are about :
"The original Dubarry knee length waterproof breathable leather wellington boot
Constructed with water resistant crushed leathers and lined with GORE-TEX.
This Dubarry leather absorbes 60% less moisture and requires 70% less time to dry than other types of leather, ensuring that your Dubarry boots will always stay soft and comfortable.
The secret of Dubarry boots is the GORE-TEX inner lining. GORE-TEX makes the boots 100% waterproof but wicks away perspiration keeping your feet dry.
The Galway boot is also surprisingly light in weight - much lighter than a rubber boot, and most other leather boots of a similar height and build."
And here are my choices:


Frau said...

I like the top one but what's the price tag?

preppyplayer said...

It's $450. VERY EXPENSIVE! But you can stand in a tub of water all day!

Susan said...

I like them... too pricey though, but would pick door number 2, been looking for a pair of brown/black riding boots forever... is the show still going on??

Suzy said...

I met Dotty Ewing last night, EVP of Loch Lomond Partners, programming acquisition for HRTV.

HRTV is Horse Racing TV and so far it's only on the Dish network. But I took her name in case this could be a good connection for you. They are trying to get more distribution.

Torch Lake Prep said...

I like them, would look great with the Barbour. Pricey, but if they last the rest of your days, they may be worth it.

Susan said...

For the price I think I'd just as well have a pair of Hunter Wellies in several colors. There's no doubt that they are nice I'm sure, but ehhhhhh, I'm just not feeling it.
I love riding gear though. My favorite riding boot is a Dehner custom boot. Can you say CHA CHING? The ones I want are $1200.They aren't a multi purpose boot though, strictly a riding boot.