Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lacrosse pinnies- the hot brand?

The hottest brand of lacrosse pinnies?
Jimmie's pinnies!

What will you want to wear over your sports bra or bathing suit?
Jimmie's pinnies!

What will your guy want to wear with board shorts or cargo shorts?
Jimmie's pinnies!

They are the insider, behind the scenes, must have pinnie.
Stay tuned for a peek and for news of when they become available!


Frau said...

What do they look like? Besides hot!

Ronda said...

I want to see them too!

kks said...

i had to catch up on your posts! love the boots that Bruce bought! funny stories of your experiences!
love your header...i want that to be my house!

HRL said...

I want to see them! I need pennies!