Thursday, February 18, 2010

twitter like posts

Ina from Alaska is correct!

I feel as though I'm twittering or is it a'twitter?

I haven't figured out how to properly post with my new iphone. ( got it for my birthday!)

AND, I am on my Dad's computer and can't post the pics I want from my iphone, I know there is an app for that- just have to figure out which one!

So, an update.

Obvs we've been skiing.

Had an event at my sister's

Got to see Somer, my fav blogger in Utah.

More skiing to come.

Lots of visiting with family.

Love it.

Which brings me to...

My dear sister in Germany- The Frau.

It is so weird being here and not seeing her or her family.

And now I just read her blog and I can tell she is very homesick and down.

Some of you have already sent her words of support and encouragement,

Thank you.

But if you haven't?

Head over to :

And please give her a big virtual kiss from me!


Somer Love said...

tons of virtual loves and hugs headed Kaths way!

I am hoping you get to see more of that favorite blogger of yours in Utah ;)

I hope you had a great day skiing. It looked like there was some fresh snow for ya.

Frau said...

Thanks sister I will be fine just having a tough couple weeks. Need to pull my big girl panties up and live. xo love you

Andrea said...

Hope you continue to have fun and I will definitely visit Frau. She is a sweetheart.
Hugs, andrea

Ronda said...

Glad to see that you are having a good time. Can't wait to see all the pictures!