Monday, February 15, 2010

ski trip necessity

So the most important thing I am packing for my ski trip?
My helmet!
Because like most my age, I didn't grow up wearing a helmet while skiing- I was slow to start wearing one.
I made my children wear them.
I suggested and urged my student's parents to make sure their children wear one.

It wasn't until another helmet wearing adult suggested, very gently...
that maybe I should wear a helmet since I am out there teaching and serve as an example. He pointed out that helmets not only protect us from errant skis and snowboards, other skiers, riders, trees and rocks...
They are really warm!
So now I do. I can't imagine not wearing one.
So does Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn!

Please get a helmet if you don't have one. I promise you won't regret it.


Ina in Alaska said...

Good, no GREAT idea to wear a helmet, Preppy!!! Hope your trip is going well. PS I started taking the Bee Pollen. On Day One I had to force myself to eat and I was out on my deck clearing snow for 2 hours! So much energy right from the start!! xoxo

Andrea said...

Okay...I want to know about the bee pollen, please!! You can email me if you have time.

Love the helmet. Mom always needs to be safe.
Blessings, andrea

Ronda said...

Helmet, ALWAYS a good idea. My kids wear them so does my hubby!

You should post a link to which bee pollen you get because there is so many different sites out there! Sounds amazing.
When do you leave?

Susan said...

Such wise words. It's probably a good idea to set the example. Besides you look cool in the helmet, so you can't pass that up.

Paula said...

We bought helmets this year and I regret that we didn't do so sooner. Mine is so warm and comfy. I forget that I'm wearing it.

Frau said...

Got ours pack for our ski trip!! My only compliant is it is hard for me to hear people. Have fun!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Amen to that! I started wearing one a few years ago...and I am floored by the number of scratches and dings on it! (How is my head still on straight from the years of skiing without?!) We started wearing them when our friends' kids had to (in a show of support) and now I can't believe I ever skied without one. And you're right -- incredibly warm!

Happy skiing...We're headed to CO in a couple of weeks.