Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yes, the process of getting a passport has certainly improved!
In fact it was painless.
A far cry from when I had to drive to the county courthouse, wait on long, long lines and then worry if my passport would be mailed back to me in time for my trip.

Today we went to the local library where a young man named Eugene took our son's picture, made sure everything on the application was just right, all in a timely fashion.
The best thing was-
he reminded me that my passport would be up for renewal in five months and that this may give me a problem on our trip to Europe.
Yes, according to Eugene, no problem going to Europe but it will be a hassle coming home. For some reason even though the passport is still valid reentry into the country can be sticky...
He suggested I renew.
I did.
Thank you Eugene.


Ronda said...

So funny you did this post today. My husband's and son's passports just arrived in the mail today. My is up in 11 months, but I probably will take care of it in the spring. Have a great trip skiing!

Susan said...

Have you ever been out of the country before? Sounds super exciting. Take lots of pictures when you go. I always wanted to get a passport just to have one. So that I could take off to some foreign country on a moments notice. Not that I really think it's ever going to happen, but if I ever wanted to.

Andrea said...

Glad to know it was painless.
Blessings, andrea

Frau said...

Eugene is one smart cookie...I renewed mine over the summer it expired in Jan some recommendation. Safe travels tomorrow. xo

Matty said...

I've never had a reason to get a passport. We are considering a trip to a Caribbean island that will require them. I hope it's just as painless for us too.