Sunday, December 13, 2009

My boy is 24 years-old today!

Love this kid. He is the best pre-Christmas present I have ever received.
In fact, the Christmas he was born was the most relaxing ever. In anticipation of his birth and because I had a 17 month-old, I was done shopping, done wrapping, and all decorated by December 1st!
He was the easiest baby of my five.
He was so smiley, ate well, slept well, no fussiness.

Things got a little tougher for him when his little sister came along. He was three years-old and as loving and kind as he was to her... he gave us a run for our money! Normal stuff.

I always vowed that because his birthday twelve days from Christmas that we would make sure that his birthday stood alone and that he received a lot of attention on his special day.

I don't think we always succeeded with that. As we had more children I am positive that his birthday sometimes received short shift. I would get so annoyed when people would use Christmas gift wrap for his birthday gifts or combine his birthday gift with his Christmas gift.

Now, it's hard to pin him down for his birthday. Tonight his girlfriend came back from a semester in Rome and he is with her. Last night he was in NYC with friends and his brother...

The cycle of life. When we are ready to slowdown and savor, they are ready to rush and experience.
And that's OK. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy Birthday Ryan, I love you!


Susan said...

My first impression was that there is no way you have a 24 year old child. Geezzzz look great. I'm feeling like frump girl myself.
Happy Birthday to your son. December birthdays can be great as long as they aren't too close to Christmas.

Frau said...

I hope he had a wonderful birthday...nice to have the girl friend home talk about a great present! Love that picture of him so cute!

Anonymous said...

a 24 yr old!?? NO WAY.

You've got something at my place! :) and FRau too!

OHN said...

Doesn't it blow your mind that they keep getting older and we don't? Freaks of nature :)

I had two that were 17 months apart too, they are 21 and almost 20 now.

I am impressed he didn't have that "terrified of Santa" look on his face!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Happy belated birthday to Ryan! Love the old Santa photos...your Santa isn't nearly as creepy as the ones in some of my photos from childhood. :-) Will try to dig some up...