Saturday, December 12, 2009

Goodbye J. Crew's pea coat...

Dear J. Crew pea coat,
You are no longer considered the "best pea coat" here at preppyplayer.
There is a new King.

And that King of the pea coats, the BEST pea coat is...
Calvin Klein's pea coat!
No lie.
The reasons:
The cut is awesome.
Slimmer thru the middle and wide in the shoulders.
It comes in black, grey and navy.
The detailing, the stitching, the tailoring!
Honestly, it looks like a very, very expensive coat and we scored one at Lord and Taylor's, on sale, for $135.00.
YES!!! $135.00!!!!!
It was nice knowing you J. Crew, but...


Ina in Alaska said...

LOVE the tree in your header!! xoxo

Skip said...

The buttons are too small for me.
Schott's my pick for best pea coat.

Frau said...

I like the price did you get 2!

Suburban Princess said...

I love CK clothes - they are designed for real women! Even their jeans are perfection!

preppyplayer said...

Ina- me too, although the image is HUGE.

Skip- Schott's is cool for sure. However, the buttons on the Calvin Klein were part of the appeal for my 24 year-old son, he didn't want them too big. It's funny how different elements are important to each individual. Personally, the cut of the coat, (not boxy or wide) is what matters to me. Thanks for your comment, I love hearing other's opinion.

Frau, I should have and didn't think of it until now, although Ry might balk at being twinsies with his brother when they meet up each weekend in the city :)

Sub Princess- I agree. I had strayed for awhile but I feel as though they are back on target for both men and women.

OHN said...

S3 picked out a Peacoat for his warmth this winter.

Can I tell you how sharp he looks in it??

My other two boys....I couldn't get them to wear a coat to save their lives...heck I even had a hard time convincing them that shorts were no acceptable in Ohio in winter!

Her Preppiness said...

My Mom had the original Calvin Klein peacoat and it is still in her Cedar Closet!!

Anonymous said...

Love your header Miss Player, it's wonderful. And we actually are rather fond of CK, there is a lot going for the line. (And J. Crew continues to disappoint in many ways, harrumph.)

The coat is outstanding, good find! And I loved your 'Do's & Don'ts" list, it is excellent.

Smiles for the week ahead,

Merlot said...

I bought it in Montreal 1 week ago. Trying to decide between CK, Spiewak Dugan peacoat and Jones New York peacoat. I liked the CK better when I tried it. It is almost as if it was tailored...very nice style. It is a modest regular blend of wool and other fibers. Has some of those cloth stripes over the shoulders that most normal coats do not have but military versions do. This gives it a formal appearance;
combined with jeans and low heel western boots makes a nice contrast. My only complaint is that is not as warm as the Spiewak which comes thinsulated but the CK is not a winter least not Canadian!