Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Email regret...

Don't worry. You're probably wondering (especially if you read my last post) if I'm in big trouble.
No, but Laura from mentioned in her comment that she was trying to restrain herself from responding via email to someone that really irked her.

And that struck a chord with me. I am FAR too brave in my email responses. Because of this I really TRY not to have emotional dialogue via email. Too much can be taken the wrong way or the right way. Things that I would never really say I might write and even though I mean it at that moment... if I had allowed time to elapse I would have calmed down and let it go.

That said, I am guilty of email regret. When a coach, boss, sister, friend, teammate or anyone has ever sent me a rude email I tend to call them out on it.
Trouble is... many times they didn't intend to be rude or it was taken out of context or maybe they were joking..
When that happens I always wish I had picked up the phone and called so that I could hear the tone of their voice or ask more questions to make sure my interpretation of their email was correct.

Apparently there are a lot of people like me. So much so that last March Gmail implemented a new feature that enables users to hit "undo" if they have sent a regrettable email. The application holds a message for five seconds allowing users to contemplate the consequences of sending an errant or dangerous email.

I need a lot more time than five seconds.
How many seconds are in... 24 hours?

And, all of you that wrote in the comments that wine is a good answer to the day I had yesterday?

First off, I love you and feel as though you really, really know me.
Secondly, Gmail also has a feature that helps folks avoid sending drunken email messages.
It is called Mail Goggles, which only allows drunks/classy wine drinkers to send emails after they have answered a series of math problems.
(in order to determine their level of sobriety.)
What if you are terrible at math before the wine?


Frau said...

than you are screwed!

College Prepster said...

I never email anything rude. If I have a bone to pick with someone I make sure to do it in person. I'm less likely to say something mean if when I'm not able to hide behind my keyboard!

Suburban Princess said...

I have learned to simply not email anything of any importance...people read it with the same tone they would've said it themselves so instead of say perhaps sounding gentle like I meant something to be...they will read it in their own angry tone and think I am being mean and nasty. Anything worth saying is worth saying to someone's face!

Ina in Alaska said...

wow I always learn something from you!

Suzy said...

AOL has had the Unsend Email option since I started using it, in 1998. Over the years I have unsent many an email but it only works with fellow AOL users.

I could never figure out why someone didn't see the Unsend feature as de rigueur on every single mail program in the free world.

Ronda said...

Oh my. I hope you are doing better by now. I also hope the wine comments didn't bother you!
It is true, never drink and type! Or type when your hormones are raging!