Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lacrosse gifts and Angela Moore?

If you like Lacrosse gifts and Angela Moore, you will love this item.
Although Angela Moore Bracelets ( which I love) have many themes...
she hasn't done lacrosse yet.
Why not?
Luckily I found a company that makes a similar/exact style bracelet as Angela Moore with the same quality, half the price AND with a Lacrosse theme.
I sell these at all the big tournaments and those preppy lacrosse girls and their mothers love them.
I also sell these tennis themed bracelets which make great tournament gifts.
If you like Angela Moore, Lacrosse, and tennis head over to

1 comment:

OHN said...

Hi chance to the LAX bracelets come in any other colors?

I love the one there, but was curious :)