Thursday, September 5, 2013

Service dogs

After reading the story below?
My heart broke.
Although I am not in the position to adopt or foster- no patience or energy left after raising five of my own....
More then ever I would like to train my LuLu to be a service dog.
If you have ever done this, please let me know your story :)

Service Dog Heals a Broken Heart

"There are better boys out there..."  said Jason to potential adoptive parents.
Last month, one of our therapists asked to borrow service dog Ruthie because she had to tell a little eight year old that his adoptive parents had changed their minds. Here is her account of what happend:
As I broke the news to Jason, Ruthie snuggled and nurtured him. We sat amongst my pile of stuffed animals and pillows until, with Ruthie by his side, he drifted off to sleep. He stirred a bit as he slept--whimpering, checking to ensure I was still there, etc.
This wasnt the first time Jason felt rejection. First his mom left him, then his aunt, then a foster family, and now the possibility of a real family slipped away. Jason rarely gets his hopes up. In fact, the first time he met the couple who wanted to adopt him, he said "You might want to keep looking. There are better boys out there.
Being on the front lines of tragedies like this one is hard. But with your support, we will find Jasonand the many Danielles, and Tyrones, and Nikeyas out there who need families - loving homes. Thank you!
If you know someone who might be willing to take a child into his or her home, click here or call 212-932-9009.


kks said...

wow, so many, need so much...and we try to fix the whole world, at the sacrifice of our own....

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sad story I wish we lived in a different world.