Monday, September 30, 2013

I am one of "those people."

My last child( Of five) is a junior in high school, house will be empty in two years...
Of course we had to get a puppy.
God forbid we should be footloose and fancy free!

 And of course we chose an energetic breed, a Jack Russell terrier.
And now? Our main topic of conversation?
 Our little, LuLu!
Has she peed? Has she pooped? How was puppy class? Whom did we meet on our MANY walks? Did she behave? Isn't she the smartest/cutest/ bestest puppy- EVER?
Yes. I am one of "those people."
I love my dog.
Because of all our walks, I know my neighbors again- especially those with dogs.
Because of LuLu I am guaranteed exercise everyday, rain or shine.
My husband and I get a kick out of all the funny things puppies do, so there is lots of laughter in our home.
My children come visit more often to see LuLu- so then we see them more often.
So far, all positives and no negatives to having a puppy/dog.

My only regret/
That when we had our other two dogs and cat that they didn't get this same attention and love that LuLu gets...

Must mention-these delightful photos were taken by Kim DeGooyer!

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kks said...

Lulu is a doll! what would we do without the antics from our dogs?! :)