Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lax for the cure 2010- Susan G. Komen

Lax for the cure 2010-Susan G. Komen
I am so psyched for this tournament.
It means so much to me and many others who will work, volunteer, watch, coach and
play in this 

And, It's going to be fun!
Tons of give-aways and contests.
Great music.
Amazing vendors.
And many, many college coaches there to watch and recruit players.

I will be partnering with Bungalowco, scout bags. 
We will be debuting an elite, exclusive line created
for lacrosse. We will have raffles and doing some give-aways.
Lots of exciting stuff!
All for a good cause :)


Susan said...

Good luck with that. Susan G. Komen foundation is near and dear to me. I helped plan events here in Colorado a few years ago and rallied teams for the local hospitals. It was soooo much fun. I also like the Brent Eley Foundation here in Debver. Their events take place at a beautiful resort/spa called Inverness and always has an amazing turnout.
Wish you could come here for those.

Frau said...

I hope it's a huge success for such a great cause.