Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Count down to 4th of July....

I can't wait!
My parents will be here.
The weather is supposed to be great.
It may be one of the last years that I have a child that participates in our town's "Mayberry-ish" 4th of July activities such as- sack races, somersault races, water balloon toss, football throw, (thrown threw the tire shown above) and 60 yd dash.
My older ones are usually fast asleep because the events start at 8a.m.
They do show up at lunchtime when the snack stand goes back to the prices of the 1960's.
We feed our family of seven with $5. You can do that here on the 4th of July when a burger or a hotdog are .50!
The afternoon is usually spent at baseball games at the grandstands, then off to a BBQ. The night ends with fireworks at Crestwood lake.
It has been thirty-nine years that I have taken part in these traditions and I so value them. My husband embraced them even before we were married.
And now, my kids do too...
when they finally get out of bed!


Suburban Princess said...

Wow that sounds like a great time!
I wish we did things like that here!

Toad said...

Our Mayberry has the same sort of festivities and the kid in me looks forward to them all year.

Frau said...

I wish we were going to be there for it...such fond memories of this day.