Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hat du jour

I always wear a hat at the beach.
Two reasons.

  1. My hair.
  2. The sun.
When you have REALLY curly hair you NEED to wear a hat at the beach and as I've gotten older I am trying to lessen the sun exposure on my face.
Normally I wear a cap like this.
But during the really hot weather such as we have been experiencing in the Northeast lately, caps can feel really...warm...and sweaty.

So I've taken to wearing straw cowboy hats.

 They are light and airy, comfortable too. I feel a bit stylish as well. The ones I wear and now sell aren't YEE HAW! cowboy, more California beachy.

So I'm not talking,

Not at all.
More like:
And in my dreams?
This is who I would like to think I look like in my cool beach hats:

I said in my dreams!


Seersucker Scrapper said...

I bet you look just as good!

Frau said...

Cool hat the old lady garden hat look.