Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everybody's happy.

Of course the kids are.
Lots of pool parties and celebrations.
No more homework.
Bed time becomes later.
Wake-up time is later too.

And the parents are happy too.
No more hastily prepared lunches in the morning.
No more homework.
No more carpools.
No more nagging about bed time.
Wake up in a relaxed manner...

As for Last day of school parties,
 my youngest attended the ultimate last day of school party.
Pool with a rock ledge for diving.
I hope I am invited some day, only if they serve wine though :)


Torch Lake Prep said...

"but mom I'm bored...there's nothing to do...."

Frau said...

I bet you are happy summer has finally started....pool party sounds awesome ....maybe you should put in a pool next!