Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris is now a question?

Now you can say it. You know someone affected by a volcano.
In Iceland.
As of now, Bremen and Charles De Gaulle airports are closed.
Tomorrow we are supposed to fly from Bremen back to Paris and leave from Paris Monday night...
Hopefully this will happen.
I am nervous that we will get to Paris and be grounded again- in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
I also am picturing the throngs of people trying to get out of Paris.
Will our tickets be honored? Will the folks that have been stranded for days have priority?
We are actually very, VERY lucky that we are at my sister's in Germany and NOT laying on a bench at the airport.
I am not sure my sister and her family are so lucky...
They may have guests for a few more days.

*We may have to figure out a new way to get home. Does steerage still exist?


Ina in Alaska said...

Ever since I saw it on the news you and Kevin have been on my mind. That volcano is affecting travel worldwide. And I am so glad you are safe with your sister! Volcanic ash is very very hazardous to jet, cars, pets.... I know, Mt. Readout is 75 milss from our house! We will pray for your safe journey/adventure home. At least if you get stranded somewhere you will have LOTS of company..... xoxoxo

Susan said...

Oh my heck. I was afraid of that. Yes, luckily you can stay at your sisters. Is there a possibility of flying from Germany straight home? I'm one of the "some people don't like the French" (long story), so I wouldn't want to stay in $Paris$. Praying for ya.

Sis Beth said...

Stay in Germany if you can. I would have the hubby on the phone with the airlines in America and keep you up to date. We are thinking of you both. Love to all,

Joyce said...

I am glad you are with Kathy and not on some cold airport floor. I have my fingers cross all will be well. xo