Friday, April 23, 2010

iphone disappointment...

It is hard to believe that I have put those two words together.
Because up to a week ago, I was singing the iphone's praises. I said things like,
"It's changed my life!"
"I can actually leave the states for ten days AND run my business without lugging around a laptop!"

And then when word came about the volcano I was SO thankful because I knew I could communicate with my husband, check airline info, and let my son play games if we were to become stuck at the airport.

But what happens?
The 7 week old battery is unable to be re-charged.
What? Are you kidding me?
Apparently this is a common problem with the iphone 3G.
We're talking Apple here folks, how hasn't this been corrected?
And thank God we are at my sister's house where we had access to computers, phones, and entertainment.
What if I was stuck at Frankfurt airport for days on end... Can you imagine how crazed I would be if I had my NEW, non-working iphone and I was unable to use the very features I bought it for?
The volcanic eruption would be nothing compared to my tantrum about this.
Thanks for letting me vent :)


Mom on the Run said...

The same thing happened to my iphone last summer when I was on vacation. It went totally dead as a doornail. I actually took it to the only AT&T store in Lincoln NE and they were able to get it going again on some high powered charger. I've never had that problem again, but it seems as though there is some sensor in the thing that knows you're away from home.

You're probably lucky it wasn't working, I've heard that the roaming charges for the 3G are scary, so you have to disable the 3G and use wireless. We did that in Bermuda.

Suburban Princess said...

This is why I dont buy a product until it has been out for a while...let them get the kinks out before I get frustrated with it.

Ina in Alaska said...

Wow I learned somethng new today from you. I have had my iPhone for over a year now and have never had one problem with mine, but Ron's "dies" quite a bit! But once his is recharged it is fine.

After reading Mom On the Run's comment I need to figure out when to use the 3G when I am travelling. I had no idea there was a roaming charge for 3G. Have a safe flight home!

Susan said...

Wait, what? You still aren't on your way home yet?
Technology, can't live with it, can't live without it. This statement also applies to cars, some people and a number of other useless things.

Torch Lake Prep said...

Oh, that is so frustrating !!! I'm sorry for all the inconveniences you have experienced, hoping you get home quickly & safely and that this hasn't jaded the wonderful vacation you had!

Suzy said...

Take it to Twitter! Complain about the problem on there since companies have their search alerts pointed to social media these days, not blogs. Years ago if I complained about Ralph Lauren sunglasses, which I did, I could count on Ralph Lauren to show up on my sitemeter. And do nothing about it.

Now it's all about Twitter.