Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow, its September!

I am pretty sure that I will do anything to avoid billing my customers today, dishes...email...finally blogging. Not that I don't want the revenue, i just don't feel like doing it!
So, I play platform tennis. Absolutely love it. Addicted. I play on two teams. One is an interclub league and the other is a state team. If you don't know what paddle is, it is a game much like tennis played on a platform with screened walls, much smaller than a tennis court. It is played primarily in the northeast. The season runs October to March/April. Yup, we play in the dead of winter. And guess what? About fifteen minutes into any given game our jackets are off and sometimes we are down to our t-shirts... at 20 degrees! You work up a sweat and it makes the long NJ winters tolerable. On my website I sell some cute, preppy paddle covers.  I love accessorizing my favorite sport!

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