Monday, September 29, 2008

Tennis-indoors or outdoors?

     I have played tennis for a long time and until I began to play platform tennis I played competitively on three different teams. I played USTA, inter-club, and outdoor inter-club. At my best I hovered between a 4.0 and 3.5 rating and I always played on A teams.
Needless to say, I was very serious.
     Back in those days my biggest hardship in tennis was the transition from outside/hard-tru courts to inside/hard surface courts each season. 
    I liked being inside because the weather didn't play havoc with our schedule and it was a faster game on the hard surface. I didn't like the lighting and that the hard surface hurt my knees.
     I loved being outside when the weather was great and we were unlimited by walls or ceilings. I loved how the surface was on my joints and the fun, spin shots I could make on hard-tru. I didn't like windy days, super hot, humid days, or rainy days. The weather really dictated the game.
     Now that I am an OBSESSED paddle player and I am outdoors year round. I don't have to deal with transition issues regarding courts or weather... Now I have to transition from paddle to tennis and that isn't bad. By the end of paddle I am ready for a change and by the end of tennis (actually before that) I am dreaming of paddle matches.
So, I would have to say I am on team outdoors.

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