Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Ball , Go lafayette!

Yipee! Tonight's the first game of fall lacrosse. It is supposed to be a cool, clear evening. Perfect conditions for tailgating. My daughter had a tough freshman season. She did great in fall ball and when Spring came around she developed stress fractures in both her femurs and was out for the season. She was relagated  to filming the games-not a happy camper. Then after an abysmal season, her coach resigned. Thank goodness she absolutely, positively loves her school. If she had chosen her college based on lacrosse or the coach she would have been miserable. As of now she is in amazing shape, loves her new coach and is ready to go. I will keep you up to date on her progress and our amazing tailgates! 
If you like this car/refrigerator/locker magnet-which is a perfect stocking stuffer., let me know. It will soon be on my website.

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