Sunday, September 21, 2008

under the radar screen....

The St, Christopher medallion above is a must have for any preppyplayer. Lax girls love them, especially the Princeton girls. They come in 13 colors and 5 different sizes. They are worn on silver chains, silk cord, or even pearls. Some girls/women wear two or three at a time. They are meaningful ( St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel) and beautiful. Mostly, they are very hard to find. Very. Whenever I wear mine to Lacrosse tournaments or horse shows women ask, no beg, me to tell them where they can get one. Right now the only jewelers I know that carry them are in Ridgewood, Princeton, Chatham, and Bernardsville, NJ. I think there may be someone in Bedford NY too. I plan on carrying them in the Spring, (the earrings too-which are to die for!) and I only hope that I will order enough to satisfy my online and tournament customers.

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