Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunny Days

  I love Fall, autumn. Not only for the cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, sweaters, crackling leaves ... but mostly for sports. (surprise, surprise!) Nothing like a soccer game with brilliant fall leaves as a background. I don't have to worry that my son will get a heat induced headache. I love playing tennis in the fall. Not as crowded. Easy to get a court. Mostly I love it because paddle starts. The only downside is the bright sun in our eyes as we play. is it lower at this time of the year? 
Must be.
Above is my favorite hat to wear for bright days, of course I sell it on my site!

Back to sports. I really love watching my children play their sports in the fall. 
Soccer, Fall baseball and lacrosse.
(See, its not just about me!)
I feel like it is the only time I am not multitasking when I am with them. I am totally present. Usually, I am cooking, driving, folding clothes, on my computer, helping them with homework or otherwise distracted. I try not to be... it is a busy life we lead. Anyway, when I watch them play sports I get to concentrate on them, watch them. 
I love Fall, autumn.


suburban prep said...

I love a good Notre Dame football game.

preppyplayer said...

I haven't been, but have many friends who make the trip from NJ each year. We also have a girl we know playing on their lax team. I think I may have to visit!