Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This time of year...

Most of you remember the story of how our dog lost his leg, if not I tell the story in 4 installments,





Anyway, I always think about what happened at this time of the year because this is the time of year it happened. All the ice and snow are reminders. The way the cold air smells and feels triggers memories of the incident. I've been told that since it was such a traumatic event that the memories are imprinted more heavily in my brain and I believe that. I know that worse things have happened and can happen and that there was a happy ending in this case. I think because the incident was so unnatural, unusual, surreal, and strange is why it stays so fresh in my brain.

What do you think?


kks said...

i was just thinking of this story...have told many students about this...really an incredible story...and yes, because of the traumatic nature, it is seared in your mind! so glad there was a happy ending for Sparky....yikes!
i have since seen some similar things in my job....

Formerly known as Frau said...

I agree because it was so tragic it's a story you never forget.

OHN said...

I remember the Sparky story. It blew me away. I really love that there were many more years of family for him.

Memories are triggered by sooo many things. There are smells that can take me back to my childhood.

A few years ago I went into a real funk. I couldn't put my finger on why, then I realized that the same week, in 1990, my mom went into the hospital. She died three weeks later. I expected to be sad around the day she died, but there was something in that week that brought it back...the three weeks before. The smell in the spring air, the length of the days...who knows. But it is classic PTSD when something comes back to you from a sense, hearing, smelling etc. It is very real and I have found out since, more common that you would think.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

wow. that was an amazing story/cliff hanger. you can spin a yarn, indeed (with a story like that, you make the blogroll!) thanks for your comment over at FatScribe (and what a grand gesture!). looking forward to reading your blog, prepster!

btw, love park city and deer valley. have had some great skiing trips there (tahoe and mammoth still rule!)

Ina in Alaska said...

RIP Sparky.... He had a great home and you can never take that back! And I totally agree that traumatic events never fade from memory... I have a few I will not forget either.....

But I am really here to wish you the best birthday ever! Calories don't count on birthdays, did you know that? xoxoxo

preppyplayer said...

Kim, Sear is the right word! Wow, has it been just dogs or other animals?


Ohn-Yes, it really was a situation that was so out of any realm I have ever encountered that it would qualify and cause PTSD. Every Sept. when there is a gorgeous, sunny warm crisp air day? I am transported to 9/11 all over again. Same thing.

Jg.- Thank you! I enjoyed your writing very much and will be back for more and because of that I am so flattered that you liked my story :)

blueviolet said...

Those memories just don't fade.

On a happier note, happy birthday! Your sis clued us in. ;)