Thursday, April 4, 2013

Selling "down the shore!"

Set up a pop up shop in Red Bank, NJ this week. Thanks to a vendor friend that lives in Rumson, NJ I was able to be scheduled in as they are booked with vendors for the next year!

So, Red Bank is an hour away from where I live ( without traffic) but interestingly enough I knew more people at this club than I do when I sell in my own area! Lots of horse people, lacrosse folks, and junior league members...

It's been fun and I've done very well. Only problem all my Spring and Summer is in and it is freezing out ! In sure I would have sold a ton more if it had been nice out and people felt the push to get some warm weather clothes.

Didn't sell much jewelry or bags but sold a ton of shirts. I'm happy about that because I'm getting ready to place another order!

The shirts are awesome and look great on everyone thanks to the cotton stretch blend. A couple more hours to go and then time to head back up north.


kks said...

cute! and cute pic of you!

JMW said...

Those are so cute - wish you were "down the road" from me so I could indulge! Great pic of yourself, as well!

Kathleen Lisson said...

The shirts are beautiful! Love the lively prints.