Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cooperative effort

The holidays get better and better.

Every year I realize that it could be the last that I don't have to share my children- they aren't alternating holidays with in-laws or they don't live too far away to come home.

Our holidays are more of a group effort. My husband and I now have help! For so many years it was just the two of us doing all the work.

This year was especially good. So relaxing and enjoyable.


Merry Wife said...

She's darling - what a beautiful girl! And I see that you started the day off right with mimosas.

Mom on the Run said...

We had bottomless mimosas for Easter, too. It was great! My SIL always does the guilt thing at my MIL's...and there's no bar there!

JMW said...

So great to have your kids around at the holidays AND able to help out! Beautiful shot of your daughter (in your lovely kitchen!)