Thursday, April 18, 2013

Between a rock and a hard place...

It doesn't look too pretty.
In another week or two I wont be able to see the ugly, forlorn rock in my neighbor's yard because soon the bushes and trees will fill in.

And that's too bad.

You may wonder why I like the view of that rock and I can't blame you. It may surprise you to know that whenever I look out my kitchen window and see that rock- I smile.

The reason?

Whenever I see that rock I think back to when I was a young mother with two little boys. My husband and I were young and had no money but we were lucky and resourceful enough to buy a condo in what had been an apartment complex.

 We are talking bare bones condo. There was a big common area that all the kids played in, it did not constitute a park or playground by any definition. At any time of the day there would be moms sitting in lawn chairs and children outside playing, so for us? It was the park.

In the far corner of the property was a big huge rock.
That big, huge rock?
The. Center. Of. The. Universe. ( at least in our children's eyes)

So many games and memories centered around that rock.
It was base for tag.
It was the starting place for hide and go seek.
It was where they played king of the hill.
Lots of games of chase around that rock!
Many jumping contests were launched from that rock...

So many memories of both my older son's sweet childhood include, "the Rock."


Merry Wife said...

That is such a sweet story. Enjoy your view while it lasts! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it! What a sweet memory to have.