Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite things, am I Oprah or what?

Seriously, I had to look up how to spell Oprah! How could I not know that?

Anyway, just like supposed religious icon, Oprah (according to Yale professor, Kathryn Lofton)
I have some favorite things that I want to share.

1. battery operated candles
They flicker, they smell like a candle, they are made of wax, and they come with a timer.
No waxy mess, no fire hazard.
I will be selling these this Summer.

2.Scout Pleasure Chest, (cooler bag)
The best scout bag to keep sandwiches, drinks and adult beverages cold. that's right, wine bottles fit into these babies! There is a zipper pocket to stash keys, beach badges, cash. You can wear it over your shoulder at all those tournaments you'll be at this Summer. They do not leak :)
I will be selling them this Summer.

3.mini cooper

We just bought our daughter one and I am in love! It is so fun to drive and the gas mileage is amazing.

4. Mophie credit card reader and app
This has changed my life! I can now attach the Mophie reader and swiper onto my iphone and take credit cards anywhere and at anytime.

5.Jude Connally Dresses
I am obsessed! I have bought two already. So comfortable, so pretty and feminine.
Although this isnt the most flattering pic, this is my fav Jude Connally right now.
This one is next on my list!
I hope to be able to sell these in the near future.
So that's it


Jg. for FatScribe said...

i love the fave lists. classic post ms. prepster. you look tres chic in your connally dress, btw. saw you mentioned over on the manner born's blog (mr. toad) about a question regarding lacrosse. although my son plays, it was our first season and i haven't a clue regarding his query posted to you and other lacrosse mom's out there (is that like a hockey mom?).

kks said...

Love all your favorites! I'll have to check out those candles!

preppyplayer said...

Jg. Thanks for the compliment! And for the heads up regarding Toad's lax query. Enjoy your son's lax season. If you want any insight into the lacrosse culture there is a funny/ a bit accurate video on you tube, Lax Bro.
Let me know what you think!

KIm, thanks! They are awesome and have timers :)

JMW said...

I am loving these dresses! Will have to check out the site. Great idea about the candles as well - love the smell of a good candle, but always worried about safety, especially with little kids around. Great post!

Ronda said...

You look great in that dress, and I love all of them! Those are my favorite candles; some of my family members are obsessive about candles, so I bought those. They look so nice at night. I really, really want one of those pleasure chest bags....please e-mail me what to do!