Monday, May 9, 2011

let us catch up!

1. Happy belated Mother's day!
I worked at the horse show and then came home early to relax, see my family and then to have chardonnay and sushi. My children were generous and gifted me with a massage at the spa. I don't like working on Mother's day but have to every year, so I really appreciate the attention I get afterwards.
It makes me feel appreciated and loved. Even after a long day of baseball ( double header, an hour drive away) my youngest still made an effort to wait on me :)

2. Horse Show- Awesome! Made a lot of money, didn't have to battle the weather much, and met a lot of nice people. Plus, it was great to be around all the horses and dogs all week.

3. Getting ready for the boutique for the Little Silver, NJ kitchen tour.

4. Getting bids for a new patio, anyone have recommendations for patio stone?

5. That show, Hoarders? I am inspired and will be purging unused items all week.

6. Tennis will be played this week. Must.

7. when to have party for my college graduate and middle school graduate?
 People have been sending invites since March! I guess I should ask the graduates!

8. Have a good week everyone and the folks in the Northeast? Enjoy the beautiful weather as who knows how long it will last.


JMW said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you, too! Glad to hear you had a good sales weekend. The weather was gorgeous here, too. So glad to have warmth and sunshine back in the forecast. And congrats to your graduates - exciting times!

Ronda said...

Chardonnay and sushi, how can you go wrong?? Welcome home, you sound way busy. Glad you made lots of money, always a good thing! Have a great week and get your tennis in!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sounds like a great plan and Mother's day! Let me know when you are having the party...maybe between all the graduations I can come down for a quick trip.

Ina in Alaska said...

Hey Patty! Sounds like you are very busy and getting busier!!

I am trying to play more tennis too, but not every day (3 times this week for me)

Hoarders has me hooked and I too have really been purging. Although the Hoarders clients are quite excessive in what they "need" to hang onto.

My current TV obsession is Sister Wives. Love those ladies! They are much more fun and real than the "Real" Housewives, although I adore Bethenny. Those others are getting too trashy and nit picky.

We have made many changes to our house too. Slow but sure. xoxox