Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Would You Rather?

We played this great game on Christmas Eve. Although there were too many of us to really get it going, I think that it will be a fun game to play throughout the holidays.
Basically, the game is that you are given a choice of questions to answer or challenges to perform that are outrageous or impossible. You or your team has to choose what they would rather answer or do.

So, on this cold, icy, blustery day I was thinking about the game and thought I would pose my own personal, Would You Rather?

 La Jolla
 75 degrees

Blue skies, sunshine

New Jersey, 22 degrees- Lots of snow.
I think you know what I would rather!


Ronda said...

Well, hmmmmmmm, I would go for the snow.


Boy, the beach sounds WONDERFUL right now!
I hope you have yourself a very Happy New Year!

Formerly known as Frau said...

That one is easy especially on winter days like today....I'll see you at the beach!

kks said...

gotta say the snow...but ask me again in a month and the beach is sounding pretty good!!

Anonymous said...

beach all the way here in FLorida it has been in the 30s and I HATE IT!!

Anonymous said...

ps when is your site going to be fully operational? can't wait for it to be up!

Paula said...

I'll take La Jolla. I'm already tired of cold! This weekend it is going to be nearly 60 degrees, so we'll get a little break before the next round of cold hits.

Ina in Alaska said...


Heat!!!!! I would enjoy 22 degrees... in Alaska that is not too bad due to the dry climate here. xoxo

Susan said...

It took me all of 2 seconds to guess where you were. That's my old stompin grounds. I used to ditch school frequently to go surfing at the shores.
I'm on the hunt for that game. I absolutely LOVE games. Anything that brings the whole family together (puzzles, games, painting, coloring...whatever), but that game looks great.Have you ever tried the game "Catch Phrase"?
It's a lot of fun too.

Kiki said...

i'll take blue skies, sunshine and warmth over snow any day, even though we did get snow here in Atl on Christmas for the first time since 1882, and it made the day extra special. thanks for your comment and i wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2011. take care.

abby jenkins said...

Love love love LaJolla! I stayed at La Valencia for a few weeks when I was out here shooting Food 911. One of the best work experiences of my life! heavenly. Jersey is nice too though....