Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mongrams- Christmas spoiler alert!

Hopefully my daughter is so busy with finals that she won't read this!

I am so excited. At a number of boutiques this season there has been a vendor that is VERY popular.
Because she sells cool monogrammed clothing. Not your grandma's stuff.
And she monograms them in creative ways.
She monograms short sleeved sweatshirts with the monogram right below the nape of the neck. She does stretchy, thin blouses with round monograms on the shoulder, silky turtlenecks, and track jackets- all very unique and cool.
The reason I am so excited is that I found a blouse very much like the type this gal sells ( for half the price) AND I brought it to my local monogrammer. For $6 she is putting it on for me. The perfect gift for a girl at college because if anyone borrows it, you know it will eventually be returned.

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Formerly known as Frau said...

Cool sounds unique! I'm sure she will love it!