Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday musings...

So, here I am.
Monday morning.

Two full trucks that need to be emptied.
How is it that I sold so much this weekend and I still managed to return home with TWO full trucks?
Note to self: You have way too much inventory!

Contractor just informed/reminded me that the kitchen needs to be emptied as they will be gutting it tomorrow.
How is it that I can be so excited and so filled with dread at the same time?
Note to self: you have WAY too many junk drawers in your kitchen!

Need to take daughter to store.
How is it that a sixteen year-old, bright, wonderful girl doesn't realize that sneakers/cleats that are used for soccer AND lacrosse need to be replaced A LOT? That playing at a top lacrosse, college recruiting tournament in  treadless, sneakers filled with holes, that have been worn since the 8th grade is not  that smart?
Note to self: Stop neglecting 4th child and pay attention to her needs, cuz she's not!

Go to bank and post office.
How is it that the errands that ACTUALLY make me money are the ones I hate to do?
Note to self: Get over it.

Appointment with daughters for manicure/pedicure.
How is it that even though my polish is still intact after a grueling weekend in the hot sun wearing my amazing flip flops that I KNOW that it is imperitive that I and my daughters go to the nail salon?
Note to self: Leg and foot massage plus female bonding equals happiness!

USTA tennis match tonight.
How is it that I do not remember how tough it is to leave my family after being away all weekend and how do I think I can physically play a match at night after the grueling weekend I just had?
Note to self: Re-think USTA for next year, but enjoy the match tonight, tennis is fun!

It looks like it's going to be a good day and I hope you have one too :)


Toad said...

The kitchen project sounds like lots of fun. I remember that our was.

Mom on the Run said...

It makes you just want to find a big chair somewhere and vegetate, doesn't it? I have to start going through the store room and then figure out what Judson needs for college...since I'm sure he just thinks it will all be magically loaded, unpacked and put away in his dorm while he's out messing around with his friends.

kks said...

yeh, sometimes we have to remind ourselves why......hang in there girl, all will get done and tomorrow is a new day!