Monday, July 12, 2010

I forgot to tell you!

I met a blog buddy!

Jill, of  came to Lax for the Cure to see her niece from Maryland play.
She brought her husband and two adorable daughters ( who were quite the troopers- 98 degrees in the blazing sun!)

She is another Jersey blogger and tennis player, we have a lot in common :)
I read her blog and she must read mine because she knew I was going to be at the tournament and stopped by to visit.

I have met a few blog buddies (Hi Ina and OHN!) and have not been disappointed. When you read people's blogs you really feel as though you know them and if they write frequently and honestly-
 you really do!

Jill is like that. If you want a good laugh AND if you want to feel as though you are not the only one to notice how kooky your neighbors, tennis team, friends and family are- stop by Jill's blog,
you won't be disappointed.


Caffeine Court said...

And look, I'm the first one to comment on this post!! It was so great meeting you and your daughter. (She is gorgeous BTW) You guys are so cute and your booth was amazing, I loved everything! Too bad my husband was there, lurking behind me, or I would have purchased MUCH more!

Hopefully we will meet again. Hope you do well at your match tonight!

The Preppy Princess said...

How cool you were able to meet Jill, that sounds like it was fun. You have been a busy lady with LAX for the Cure and everything, good for you!

Sending you a smile,