Friday, March 15, 2013


It sure was awesome skiing in Utah last month.
As many of you know my family has lived there for the last 30 years and I consider it my second home.
But this year was different.
Usually we have a group skiing. My husband, kids, my sister, her kids, maybe another sister and her kids....
This year?
Just a few of us.
Normally,  the large group of us get there 8am. We ski and ski. We stop for a cookie and coffee and then ski some more. We eat a late, lingering lunch-  complete with beer and wine, and then ski until the place closes.

This year?

My sister was nice enough to drive, but we get there at 10:30 and are done by 3:00...
And why not?

There are three of us. We ski so many more runs when you are not in a big group. we skied and skied. Short lunch. Probably did more skiing than usual.

It still was sad.

I missed the old days of our big groups and tail gates after, all our apres-de-ski stories and comparisons.
I thought I loved skiing. I now know I love skiing with my family and friends and that it isnt the same without them

In the future?

I won't be going to Utah again without my posse.

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