Monday, March 4, 2013

In on the joke

I sell pillows.
During the winter I sell holiday and ski theme pillows. People love them and I sell quite a lot.
What I really should say is women love them because that is whom primarily buy them from me.

The first week in February I start to get in my Summer/Spring pillows. They are beach and animal themed. They sell well as the weather gets warmer. People tend to give them as hostess gifts as a thank you for a stay at a beach house or as a housewarming gift for a newly purchased summer home.
Because of this I tend to bring the pillows to events in April and on.

For some reason I brought a few pillows to a gym I was selling at the week before Valentines day, I think I was in the mood for Spring and the pillows made me feel as though we are getting closer...

Well, thank goodness I did because I wouldn't have had a charming story to share:

I had just set up my table when an elderly gentleman walked up and started chuckling.

I said, "Ok what's so funny about my table?!"

He said," Its not your table, its my wife, I mean your pillow!"

I said, "Huh? What?" Ok, you got to explain that one!"

He laughed a little bit more and picked up the long pillow that said LIVE BAIT.

He went onto explain,
You see, my wife is a very pretty, sweet, and proper lady and I love her to death. She still continues to surprise and amaze me every day and every once in awhile?
She REALLY surprises me!
One day we were driving up to our lake house for a day of fishing and I saw a fish and tackle store, it had a big sign, LIVE BAIT.  I said to my wife, "Oh look honey, Live bait. Should we stop and get some?"
 She looked at me, shook her head and said, "There was a time where I was considered LIVE BAIT!"
And then she burst out laughing. Well, we both laughed for awhile. So when I saw this pillow it made me laugh reminding me that my pretty and proper wife can still surprise me.

He put the pillow back and made his way out the door still smiling and I had a smile too as that was a nice way to begin my day of work.

About three hours later there he was back again! He explained that he had gone to work and thought about it, the pillow would be a perfect valentines gift for his wife, it would be their private joke and a way to let her know that he thought she still was LIVE BAIT! He bought the pillow smiling from ear to ear.

This little encounter made my day and now you too, are in on their inside joke.


Merry Wife said...

That's a great story. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh. :)

Ron said...

What a great story. I love it!

kks said...

so sweet....what a great story!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny!