Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the dead of winter.

I really appreciate anything that brings light into my world.
I am not being philosophical.
I mean... literally, light!

So, I am loving this star votive hanger from Cox & Cox

or these,
from West Vintage Trading Co.


OHN said...

Does it count that I keep the little white twinkle lites under my deck railing up until they die? It just brings a touch of summer when it's 20°.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Pretty! I wanted to keep our deck lights up from summer and lost that argument.....but I do like these. Have a great day! xo

Tami Miller said...

I always enjoy your decorations. The stars that light up would look really really good on my country porch!

Joyce said...

I like the lights too! I wanted to keep the white lights from Christmas out back, but without me knowing it hubby took down. Oh well... xo

JMW said...

I agree with you - this time of year is so tough with the gray days. Light therapy is much needed. Love what you've featured!

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely! Cox&Cox have some fabulous things - oh to have a US style 'porch'!