Tuesday, July 12, 2011

false alarm

The other morning I came out the front door and almost stepped on this behemoth, black, hairy SPIDER!
Needless to say I ran screaming into the house. Except no one was home.

I went outside with my camera so that I could document just how BIG the spider was.
First I used my zoom lens. No way was I getting close to that again.
Then... I noticed it wasn't moving, maybe it was dead?
I found a branch and started poking it...
And realized that it was an old rubber Halloween decoration that must have been dug up when we did our construction.

I called my husband to tell him what happened. It turns out he was the prankster who placed it on the sidewalk, visible only after an innocent victim (me) were to come down the steps.

Apparently I was one of many victims. He went on to tell me that my older son came down the stairs and proceeded to yell, " What the Hell!" then he ran by while he kept looking back pointing and shouting to my husband.

My daughter skipped right over it, then realized what she had just seen and ran screaming to the car.

Of course, my younger son was late to his camp because he had to investigate and then ended up stomping it repeatedly (before he realized it was fake!)

I am plotting a prank to rival this...
Any ideas?


JulesTX said...

I was horrified and then hysterical at your story. This is something my husnabd would do given the chance.

Portuguese Prepster said...

this is horrific! I would cry if someone did this to me I'm so scared of spiders.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

LOVE your hubs. outstanding work, sir. you are a good sport, too, Prepster. ;)

Hmmmm ... payback? tell him your preggers. that usually works for me. wait, what?!