Thursday, March 24, 2011

On a misson!

Yes, I am on my way into NYC on this blustery, winter day. ( I know it's March and Spring, but today the world is snow covered in northern NJ!)

And on this day I am on a search for Spring/Summer scarves.

Such as these above.
It feels refreshing to start buying for warmer months. However, it isnt so easy to sell Spring and Summer like items when there is snow on the ground. I might have to bring out the animal hats at my sale tonight!
Remember these?

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Ina in Alaska said...

I have been seeing the animal hats around Anchorage! They are so cute. I should also say I see real animal heads here too but that is another story.

Love the scarves!! Have a great day and say hello to the Big Apple for me! xo