Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Eataly info!

So, it turns out I have some "semi" connections at Eataly. Two boys, ( now men) that my sons went to high school with are big deals at Eataly!

One, Dan Amatuzzi, the wine director at Eataly, worked with Batali, Bastianich and Farinetti to stock Eataly with more than 1000 Italian wines. Wine is very important at Eataly, every server has been educated to educate the customer on correct wine pairings with any food ordered.

The other is is Nick Coleman, Eataly's chief olive oil specialist. He knows EVERYTHING you need to know about olive oil and gives classes and courses there on that subject. Do you remember that I mentioned that I have never seen so many olive oils in my life? This is the guy that will educate you about them.

I just started following Eataly on Facebook and Twitter so that I am aware of any special events or interesting promotions. If you plan on visiting NYC and want to go to Eataly, I suggest you do the same!


Formerly known as Frau said...

So cool it's a small world!

Reenie said...

I forgot that Nick worked there, and I didn't know that Dan did. Maybe I'll go when I'm on break next week.

Hyacinth Bucket said...

Wonderful! I do love food from the continent. I believe my next candlelight supper will have an Italian flair.

On another note I notice from your profile that you and I share a very special interest - barn jackets! Oh I do appreciate a good barn jacket. Like you it is one of my many interests.

Susan R said...

Even though I don't drink, I can certainly appreciate the idea behind the wine.
Italian food is my favoritino. Can't get enough of it.