Sunday, September 19, 2010

Car Caddy- you need it!

Yes, it's true.
You do need it. Or, I do.
I use to constantly find myself rifleling through my purse looking for my cell phone, gum, chap stick, mints, a pen, credit card... while I was driving!
Not smart.
Now, before I start the car, I place my cell, gum, what have you, in this caddy.
It sits on the seat right next to me. It has tons of pockets and has a wide, shallow opening making it easy to grab anything I need while I am driving.
This caddy SAVES lives. Kinda.
You will find it on,
next week!


kw said...

Great idea! Love the bright colors.

kw said...'s kathy I'm borrowing Kate's mac!

trifitmom said...

so great meeting you today, this was the bag i was thinking about. hopefully i will get back to you today at the show