Monday, August 19, 2013

Wide legged pants- let's discuss.

Went to new York shows this Summer. ( the normal apparel shows where the clothing that is actually sold in stores is shown)

Saw A LOT of wide leg, patterned pants.
They were worn with flats, heels, or wedges.
Saw them with tanks, blouses, and tight turtle necks.

Not sure what I think....

Part of me thinks that they are a split version of the long skirt, ( Which will still be around next Spring and Summer by the way!) the other part of me thinks that they resemble pajama bottoms.

The patterns do distract from any figure flaws ( wide hips, protruding tummy) but I still think these pants may be best on the under 30 set.

Although... A really dressy pair with a tight back t-neck and black heels might be a nice holiday outfit.

Jury it out.


Merry Wife said...

I love Katherine Hepburn style wide pants, but I'm not sure about the printed versions. I suppose the eye will adjust. :)

kks said...

love your idea...printed for the young...:)

JMW said...

I remember when these were in a little less than 20 years ago and getting a pair to wear to my first job. So, like you said, great for the younger set, not so sure now that I'm 40. But, I get they would be pretty for a holiday party. :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

I feel like they are for the tall and skinny! But I'm with you maybe black for the holidays!