Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy, 2012

image taken at LBI, Beach haven 2012

I don't think any children will be named Sandy for quite some time, at least not in the New York area. Especially not in New Jersey.
Even those love/power outage babies, born about 9 months from now?
I doubt it.

This is a tough one folks.
Just starting to understand the ramifications. The reality is setting in.

The immediate problems are a pain. 
We will probably not have power for ten more days. But we have a generator.

There are gas shortages and hours long lines to get gas. Since we need gas for the generator this will be a problem.

There are not many grocery stores open and those that are do not have much food or water.

Many roads are closed due to fallen trees or phone or electric wires, this will take a long time to clean up. It makes it very hard to go anywhere as there are constant detours.

School could be out for another week. The kids will be going to school till July!

Getting in and out of New York City is almost impossible. The trains and subways should be up soon. Until then?  Three to a car or you will be denied access to bridges and tunnels. 

All these problems are minute compared to the long range problems that may occur.

Our beloved Jersey Shore with its landmarks and distinct architecture is forever changed. 
Many businesses and homes will never be rebuilt. It will take many, MANY years to recover.
It is the same story from Hoboken down to Cape May. 
Our entire shoreline has been devastated geographically, financially, and emotionally.

We worry about the bridges and roadways along the barrier islands as many have been ruined.
We worry about real estate and resell for those along the Jersey shore. It will be many years before people forget and dare to buy in beach towns.
We worry about lower Manhattan. The subways and Brooklyn battery tunnel were filled with salt water, will they be safe?
Is New York City safe during future storms?

All things I had never thought about until this week.

I feel so lucky and blessed compared to so many of my friends, many whom have lost their dream homes or primary residences. 
One of my neighbors bought her home because of the huge, old oaks that gave her home shade and privacy. 
It looks like a giant came along and pulled up a bunch of carrots...
Seven oaks- roots and all, down on her home and lawn.

So, no "woe is me" here.
Just prayer and hope that this won't happen again for a long, long time.


kks said...

mother nature at it's finest.....
a prayer for all those affected by this horrific event...

Tami said...

I hope your gas lasts for the generator. I am watching the horror stories on the news. Take Care of yourself and your family. xo

Formerly known as Frau said...

Keeping you guys in our thoughts if school is out next week drive to Buffalo!