Monday, October 3, 2011

We were ready for our close-up! (* NHRHS alert!)

Remember a few months back when I decided I needed bank to finish off my kitchen project?
That we signed with a film location scout and hoped to rent out our house for film shoots or commercials?
*see bottom for NHRHS alert!
Last Friday they filmed a Cuisinart commercial at our house for this product:
Here are some images of what went on,
 The white van was craft services, also known as the food truck! It was awesome going out to my curb anytime I wanted a cup of coffee or for something to eat all day. In fact, my fourteen-year-old would have liked that truck to be permanent.
 The crew was very organized. There were signs everywhere. Every surface was covered with cardboard or plastic to protect our home from any damage as there were over 60 people in and out of our house all day!
Our bedroom was transformed into the hair and make-up room.
 This is looking thru the living room into the dining room and onto the kitchen.
Our den was the editing room.
Our driveway appeared to be mission control...
This is the same shot from far away.
Northern Highlands alumni, recognize this girl?
She was the stylist/set designer on this job.
 I walked into my kitchen I couldn't believe she was there as I hadn't seen her in about 35 years!!!
It was Ann Armstrong!!!
It was so good to see her. She looked as pretty as ever with the same great personality.

Needless to say, the whole experience was awesome. The crew left my house better than they found it, we made a nice sum of money, the client gave us a beautiful, new, Cuisinart coffee maker
I was able to reconnect with an old friend.
Cant beat that!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow it doesn't get any cooler than that! When will it air?? I hope you get more jobs from this.

JMW said...

How very cool! I bet everyone was excited to see that going on - and who would have expected that much of a production for a commercial? I'll have to watch for it on TV. :)

Ina in Alaska said...

That is just FANTASTIC!! Nothing but good things came out of that shoot! Wonderful and interesting post. And a new coffee maker! Let us all know when the commercial will air! xo

Kate said...

How cool! I live right near a studio so they are using houses in my neighborhood all the time. A friend's house was on House and it paid for almost a full year of law school tuition for her!!!